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"Road Trip with Lewis & Clark" Art Contest
This year’s participants will imagine what it is like to go on a road trip with Captains Lewis & Clark. This road trip can be anywhere in the country. Participants will need to draw a “selfie” of themselves with the Captains at the chosen location. The location may be geographical or man-made, for example Grand Canyon, Everglades National Park, Statue of Liberty, or Mount Rushmore.

Although the first permanent photograph, called a daguerreotype, would not be invented until 1839, Captains Lewis & Clark did their best to carefully describe and sketch noteworthy sights along the trail. One scene Captain Lewis struggle to record was the Great Falls of the Missouri River. He wrote:  “I wished for the pencil of Salvator Rosa, or the pen of Thompson, that I might be enabled to give to the enlightened world some just idea of this truly magnificent and sublimely grand object.” The Captains collect their writings and sketches in their journals so that people back home could have a glimpse of life in the Louisiana Territory.
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