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Second Annual Kids' Art Contest: "If I Were a Captain"
This year’s participants will imagine what it is like to captain an expedition. Participants will need to capture their ideas on paper, thinking about mode of transportation, scenery, clothing, tools, supplies, comrades and dangers.

One of the greatest expeditions in American history was the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Captains Lewis & Clark and their party, including a woman and newborn baby, crossed the continent in search of the Pacific Ocean.

The Corps of Discovery would not have been possible without its two captains, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Charged with finding the Northwest Passage, the Captains carefully selected men and supplies, including a 55-by-8-foot keelboat, 193 pounds of portable soup and 176 pounds of gunpowder. A third of Lewis’ $2,500 budget went to gifts for western tribes. Well supplied, the Captains faced countless dangers—animal attacks, strong currents, freezing temperatures, treacherous mountain passes—in their search for the ocean.
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