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“Learning from the Opposition: James Madison’s Adoption
and Co-option of Federalist Ideas”
presented by Dr. Scott Culpepper

2:00 pm Sunday, May 24, 2020

photo of Dr. Scott Culpepper

Betty Strong Encounter Center will host Dr. Scott Culpepper streaming  live on the Lewis and Clark Facebook site  May 24, at 2:00 pm.

This presentation will focus on some ways in which Madison moved closer during his presidency to Federalist ideas he had opposed as a legislative leader of the Democratic-Republican Party in the 1790s. Madison implemented some initiatives such as a standing military, renewal of the Bank of the United States’ charter, and use of federal funds for internal improvements that he had questioned before his time as president. In some of these cases, Madison was coming full circle, returning to sympathies he had earlier in the days before party strife led to a hardening of the categories. In others, Madison adjusted in light of realities he faced as president that changed his perspective. Through exploring Madison’s approach to learning from and listening to the opposition, we will discuss how often presidents actually govern from the center. In our time of heightened partisan strife, Madison offers a model for recognizing and adopting the positive elements of other political views while continuing to work toward the cherished ideals imbedded in our own views.

Culpepper, a Dordt University History Professor, holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Church/State Studies from Baylor University; a Master of Arts in History from Northwestern State University of Louisiana; a Master of Divinity with an emphasis in historical and theological studies from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Religious Education from Louisiana College.

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