2:00 p.m. Sunday, August 25

The Betty Strong Encounter Center will bring to the stage, “Poetic Reflections from the Past” presented by Theresa Jackson 2 p.m. Sunday, August 25. Admission will be free; a reception will follow.

This presentation is a celebration of the poetry written by Theresa Jackson’s great-grandmother Linnie Poyzer from 1884-1965. Theresa, a longtime English instructor at W.I.T, discovered booklets of poems reflecting rural life in the early 20th century.

Linnie Poyzer lived on a farm with her husband, and while raising three children she would write her poetry. She wrote her poems on whatever piece of paper she could find; the back of an envelope, a napkin, anything was fair game. As a result poems were scattered throughout the house until a family member collected them into booklets. Linnie’s poetry deals with the changes during her life, the beauty of Iowa’s nature and her family and friends.