June 12, 19 and 26
‘Exploration Wednesdays for Kids’

The Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center's hands-on learning series for kids will explore people and events from the Lewis & Clark Expedition during 45-minute sessions each Wednesday in June.

“Campfire Stories” at 10 a.m. are open to kids first grader and younger; “Junior Explorers” activities at 11 a.m. will be open to kids second grader and older.

Admission and materials will be free.

Campfire Stories (geared to the first grade and younger age range)

June 12:
“Frontier Cooking,” a frontier snack, a story about a ferocious storm, and some special ingredients;

June 19:
“Who was Sacagawea and Pomp?,” a lesson about Sacagawea, the expedition’s Native interpreter, and her son, Pomp;

June 26:
“Hurdles on the Trail,” outdoor fun dodging obstacles inspired by the Louisiana Territory

Junior Explorers (geared to the second grade and older age range)

June 12:
“Captains Cook-Off”
hands-on cooking inspired by a frontier favorite;

June 19:
“Petticoats & Work Boots,”
women’s lasting impact on the expedition;

June 26:
“Keeping Up with the Captains”
a test of strength and speed that would challenge even Lewis & Clark

 “The Center’s summertime kids’ activities will emphasize the fun of learning and playing games inspired by the expedition,” says Sara Olson, the Center’s Education Coordinator.

For more information, contact Olson at 712-224-5242 or SOlson@siouxcitylcic.com.