June 13, 20 and 27
‘Exploration Wednesdays for Kids’

The Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center's hands-on learning series for kids will explore stargazing, fossils, hardtack snacks and dodging obstacles during 45-minute sessions each Wednesday in June.

“Campfire Stories” at 10 a.m. are planned for second graders and younger; “Junior Explorers” activities at 11 a.m. are designed for third-through-fifth-grade kids.

Admission and materials will be free.

Campfire Stories (geared to the second grade and younger age range)

June 13:
“Frozen Bones,” a lesson on fossils discovered on the expedition, followed by a fossil dig;

June 20:
“Calling All Soldiers,” a rowdy river-pilot story, followed by an obstacle-course activity;

June 27:
“What’s for Lunch?”
frontier hardtack snacks, followed by a creepy-crawler story.

Junior Explorers (geared to the third through fifth grade age range)

June 13:
“Hunting for Fossils,”
did the explorers actually believe they’d find dinosaurs in the Louisiana Territory?

June 20:
“Soldiers’ Tryouts,”
expedition- themed obstacle course inspired by L&C Trail dangers;

June 27:
“They Ate What?,”
bake a frontier snack then learn what the explorers ate.

“Thomas Jefferson wanted a detailed, written report about observations and experiences on the expedition. To meet that goal, Lewis & Clark had to be amateur botanists, archeologists and scientists skilled at writing reports. ‘Exploration Wednesdays’ will offer kids opportunities to learn about some of these skills,” says Sara Olson, the Center’s History Education Coordinator.

For more information, contact Olson at 712-224-5242 or solson@siouxcitylcic.com.