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Hokazunta (Sled)

A winter favorite for boys and girls. The Center’s Hokazunta is made of buffalo ribs. Half are ribs from the left side; half are from the right side. Elk rawhide is used to bind the ribs; chokecherry is used for the split sticks. A buffalo hide was placed on the sled before a child sat on it. Boys liked to stand on the sled, hold on to the strap and slide down a hill.
(Game piece crafted and photographed by Mike Marshall, Rosebud, S.D.)

Hutanacute (Winged Bones)

A traditional Lakota game played by men. It uses a distinctive gaming device crafted from a cow or buffalo rib. The Center’s exhibit contains winged bones and more than a dozen other traditional Lakota games pieces.
(Game piece crafted by Mike Marshall, Rosebud, S.D. and photographed by Ray Bucko, S.J.)